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 OverviewNDO works and supports the developments of self-sustaining educated and healthy and prosperous communities in South Sudan. It absolutely supports and develops to bring new energy and provide education, health/sanitation services as well economic initiatives specifically start up farms project toward supporting local food production for consumption and services in order to reduce hunger and starvation in the vulnerable communities like southeast region of Sudan and a range variety of opportunities.

 We are partnering with local communities (leaders, peer educators, individuals, youth and women groups, NGOs, INTEL NGOS etc) towards empowering and supporting in creating education, health/proper sanitation and economic efforts/livelihoods  systems where the vulnerable children/adults or communities or populations in South Sudan beginning in southeast access to these opportunities. 

 Our goal and plan is to see younger generation or people of South/Sudan to have ability to read, write, learn, and understand, feed themselves, live healthy, and to enhance their capacity to empower, lead self-reliant, live and lead healthy lives and contribute to a peaceful, vibrant upon take charge and responsibility of their communities towards solve the nation/country’s problems.
NDO was founded in 2007-2008 by Juanis K.Lual and helped with student volunteers, professional academies, and others who desire to help the people of South Sudan.


For over three years NDO has been providing basic educational school kits/services for elementary/primary schools range from notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, markers, and dictionaries to sanitation/health awareness. Also, we conducted other activities on the ground included registered the organization in local, state and federal government departments for the security and official purposes, established team of volunteers in Malakal, Nasir, and Juba and networking with local community leaders, peer educators, local groups and international NGOs in 2010, 2011 and 2012. Today NDO is well established in South Sudan and networking with local community leaders, peer educators, youth groups and has a workforce team of volunteers in Malakal, Nasir and Juba.        


Our Winter/Fall 2011 and 2012 trips to South Sudan did happen, which we did more networking with local community leaders, groups, peer educators and organizations as well Intel groups. The branch offices based were established as well the workforce team on the on ground completed too,
Additionally, the delegate teams from the United States helped facilitate delivering education kits or services for primary schools, for example, the organization provided four primary schools with education supplies in Malakal and also conducted health/sanitation awareness activities specifically from hands-wash with soap to boil water initiative as well latrines/toilets awareness at the primary school environments.

The organization Now NDO is focusing both in building education and economic systems for vulnerable individuals or populations in the southeastern Sudan with beginning Nasir and Wanding/Malakal in southeast region. We have made this decision because when we saw the eyes of the children and their teachers as well youths and average adults who in many cases did or do not  have  three or even two meals a day  because of the starvation or hunger or food insecurity as well other services in their communities. Not only that many children often skipped schools because of hungry or malnutrition or malnourished is a major issue but also no jobs available to them in this troubled country of South Sudan. 

fundraising efforts

 We do not rely on one fundraising effort but multiplies as well different fundraising approaches, such as house party, social events, pinicnics, potlucks, individual fundraising campaigns, solicitations,  golf tournament, Rocky ‘N’ Roll Marathons, and others, but we also do soliticitation as well grant writing proposals.

Again,we welcome your fundraising ideas as well other in-kind supports.

Now are raising $50K USD for Education efforts (education kits or services for primary school age children and $25K USD
 for health/sanitative initiative specifically constructs the toilets/latrines and sanitation/hygiene at primary school environments ),$150KUSD for Start-up Farms Project in order to reduce food insecurity, starvation or hunger for children, individuals or local populations beginning with southeast Sudan, then will expand it in other areas in the country.

These are projects we currently raise money and we need your support and you can help us put fundraising together or donate now to help these vulnerable children, individuals or communities in South Sudan.

.  Learn how you can help or donate now.

We are planning to send a team on the ground in southeast Sudan in this Fall/Winter 2014 and/or Spring 2015 to implement the Education Efforts  particularly education kits or services for primary schools as education/entrepreneurship initiatives for adolescent youths and women, sanitation/water awareness as well to establish or cultivate a Farm Project.
Also,we will establish infrastructure for these projects as well be our initial initiatives.

Why should you help? 

South Sudan recently has emerged from over two decades of civil war and more than 50 years of civil conflict resulting in a successful Southern Sudan vote for separation and succession from Northern Sudan. South Sudan fully gained its independence in July 2011.

Conflicts include the recent/current internal military clashes have devastated the southern region’s community infrastructure for social services, health, and food security which have left the South Sudanese people with a lack of educational resources, school facilities, access to basic healthcare facilities, access to clean water, and dependable food sources.

  • Over 85% of the population drink water is contaminated with things like infectious diseases from poor sanitation
  • People are dying from what the developed countries would consider preventable, non life-threatening medical issues, starvation or hunger.
  • The South Sudan has a continuous lack of food security,
  • Over 85% of the populations are unemployed or do not work due to lack of jobs in their local communities.

Current projects

  • Education efforts ( services, kits, and educational training approaches for women as well men, adolescents or adults, educational entrepreneurship efforts  and sanitation/health/water awareness,)
  • Economic efforts ( start up Farms) in order to reduce food insecurity especially starvation or hunger and malnutrition for both children and adults or populations)

We plan to build learning or school facilities for primary school age children as well education initiatives such as vocational/resource centers  for women, adolescents, adults or youths and community, entrepreneurial efforts, water,etc.

As you can see we need your support in all kinds such financials and in-kinds,

Please become our supporters

Please look at southeast region (map).Learn how you can get involved.


Today NDO has workforce team consists of volunteers and boards in southeastern Sudan as well initially established networking with local community leaders, peer educations and youth groups, local, state and national groups and international NGOs  or organizations and also established branched offices in southeastern Sudan [Malakal, Nasir, and Wanding] and Juba; in regards of working in education, health and economic efforts.

The organization has quite grown and made progress or accomplishments in the last three and half years.Thus its leadership team decided to integrate an economic program with education program in late 2013 to focus on building systems which foster food security by alleviating starvation or hunger and malnourishment.

NDO problems/issues that ndo addresses and will continue to address: 
2014- Currently the conditions in South Sudan are alarming due to the recent conflicts including the recent military clashes. These clashes have forced hundreds of thousands of people to the UN compounds and camps. This has resulted in hardship, devastation, struggle, and the suffering of the people in this area; these conflicts have led to food insecurity, economic instability, lack of education, lack of learning facilities, lack of healthcare care facilities, and poor agricultural infrastructure. The Upper Nile region in southeastern Sudan, including Nasir and Malakal, faces over 90% unemployment because no jobs are available resulting most children and adults experiencing starvation, or hunger and malnourishment, uncontaminated water, lacks basic services, which experiences very poor sanitation leading to extreme poverty. This common to most areas in South Sudan in regards of food insecurity, starvation or hungry, education, un-clean water, unemployment and so forth.

The progress the organization has made progress and accomplishments in the last three and half years; for example, it provided education services or kits for primary schools age children as well created health/sanitation awareness and recently initially starts to build economic systems through Start up medium Farm Projects and also education efforts.

START UP FARMS and education efforts-2014-2015

Start up Farms Project
The purpose of the project (s) will be to establish or cultivate a medium size plot of lands which will produce food through planting a diversity of crops, fruits and vegetables; also, this space will provide services for food consumption and facilitate job creation for the local community members and entrepreneurial Education hub for the community. NDO will introduce entrepreneurship consistent with this agricultural based market economy which will empower unemployed individuals, families, and local farmers to adopt micro agricultural technology using an innovative approach to irrigating crops to build small businesses which can be expanded locally and replicated throughout the country.

NDO Fundraising approaches:

Our fundraising approaches have been:  $1 per Auraria Student/faculty Campaigns, marketing (sold candies), Walk for Sudan, Rocky N Roll Marathon, Jess/Social events, bar events, T-shirts campaigns and grant request proposed, etc.
We are currently raising and requesting money for a very worthy cause but we need your help to reach our goal! We are asking you to become a financial supporter or do fundraising for us, join us as well to follow our progress, and support us by sharing our story with your friends, colleagues and community.
NDO raises and requests money for education efforts and economic programs specifically Start up Farm towards building economics and educational stability in this troubled country of Sudan, The idea is to develop or cultivate medium size plots of land, which will produce food for consumption and provide services for local population.

Thank you our both continuing supporters and news as well those wish to support us in all causes meaning financial, time efforts and in-kinds as well we ask you to help us raise awareness!

Read about the situations on the ground Online article here

 Learn how more about getting involved or donate now online.


Current goals/objectives and fundraising efforts: 

We are currently focusing on Education and Economic projects;
Education efforts ( services, kits, and educational training approaches for women as well men, adolescents or adults, educational entrepreneurship efforts  and sanitation/health/water awareness,) 

Economic efforts/entrepreneurship education ( start up Farms Project) in order to reduce food insecurity especially starvation or hunger and malnutrition for both children and adults or populations)


NDO has 501 (c)3 status in the United States and it is officially recognized as a licensed International Non-governmental organization (INGO), not only in Sudan but in Horn Africa.  Our organization is now able to reach out to foundations, organizations and groups both local, national and international other international groups in all sizes
Now NDO raises $100KUSD for Education Services and initiative, specifically provide resources/kits for primary schools, train local existing teachers and schools..

$150K USD for Start up Farms ProjectSept 2014-Sept 2015, which we plan to continue the project as well will expand it in other areas in the country. 

Summer 2014 Plans

Our plans are 1) raising funding for Education Efforts for primary schools, young girls and adolescants and young women education initatives as well Start up entrepreneurial initiatives specifically Start up Farm Project in order to reduce food insecurity or hunger and starvation and malnourished for the local populations,particularly children and adults in southeastern Sudan
2) we also planning to send a delegate team from USA to the ground in southeast Sudan this Fall/Winter 2014 and/or Spring 2015.
3) We are recruiting volunteers to join our leadership team as well awareness and also to help us raise money for these projects.
Additionally, we welcome all kinds of fundraising approaches and we do all kinds of fundraising efforts, such as house party, social events, special events, marketing, Golf Tourneys, grant application requests or proposals and more...

The world is yours, change it with us,
please become our supporters!

Sudan NEWS

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South Sudan News Agency: South Sudan's leading independent news source

Sudan News Agency: Sudan official government news agency

United Nations News Centre News on Sudan: See the most recent international news on Sudan.

"I Hope & Believe"

Ngaathaje is a Sudanese phrase spoken among the Nuer people of Southern Sudan.  Ngaathaje translates to "I hope and Believe."  This phrase perfectly captures the spirit of NDO.  It reflects NDO founder's belief in taking action and getting involved rather than waiting for things to happen.  
NDO ultimately dares individual or individuals to move their feet meaning to get involved now not NEXT WEEK, MONTH, YEAR or 'IN THE FUTURE'. It dares everyone to not be daydreamer, but DO SOMETHING NOW!

About NDO

Ngaathaje Development Organization (NDO) is a humanitarian group based out of Denver, Colorado. We work in rebuilding the lives of the vulnerable individuals and communities in South Sudan beginning with southeastern region [ Upper Nile State] and also plan to expand our works and programs to other areas and regions in the country, seeSouth Sudan (map ).  Education and Economic Programs as well health/sanitation efforts our primary focus opportunities for all Sudanese as many people are still in UN compounds and camps, who are held hostage and also are in the process to be returned to their local communities, yet most children, adolescents or adults are lacking schools or learning facilities, poor sanitation, hunger or starvation or food insecurity, shelters due to the recent conflicts include the recent or current internal/military clashes, as well are still affects by the decades of civil war,
The world is yours, so change it with NDO and become our supporter!.
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