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Ngaathaje Development Organization (NDO), is a nonprofit/nongovernmental organization that is our vision is to be a parnter, resource, and friend to the people of South Sudan on their journey to becoming a more propserous community.

Since 2009-2010, NDO's mission has been effeciently facilitate the development of the three primary pillars of a prosperious community: education, health, and economic opportunities in South Sudan. In other words, our mission is to foster the peace, prosperity, community improvement, and self-reliance of the Sudanese people through educational programs, health care awareness as well as economics/entrepreneurial initiatives.



For over three years NDO has been supporting and providingnecesities to the misfortunated and vulnerable people in South Sudan. Projects initialy began with educational hubs specifically educational services for primary school aged children; as the organization grown it moved on health areas, specifically sanitation training awareness at primary school environments then integrated these programs with economic services and opportunities.

NDO has made four trips to the ground in South Sudan to deliver, provided services, resources, and to implement our projects. And there are ongoing trips and travel year around constantly and consistently. There are no limitations when it comes to travel or make trip to our groundwork country in Africa because this is about making a positive impact even if it is small scale.

RECENT September 2015 TRIPs-2015 updates

Juanis Lual, NDO founder has just returned 6 weeks trip from Ethiopia and Southeast Sudan where he saw and talked to thousands of refugees who recently returned home in July 2015 and more are on the process to be returning to their homes and finding utter desolution. His native village in the southeast, specifically WandingPibor area's people were displaced for over 10 years are now finally returning back home to Wanding in southeastern Sudan where Juanis was born, raised and displaced from 20 years ago. This home coming return refugees started in July 2015, which over 10 thousands have returned and 5,000 or so more are on the process to be returned to Wanding in next shortcoming weeks and months.

Juanis and NDO workforce volunteers on the ground saw, found and spoke to refugees who were returning in July 2015 and more refugees will be returning to their homes in the coming weeks this fall and winter seasons, yet their homes lacking even basic necessities.

Wants and needs of displaced returnee refugees returned to their homes July 2015

WANTS and NEEDS are overwhelming but the immediate wants and needs that these returnee refugees requested Juanis, NDO and American friends that they currently want and need help with basic necessities, such as beding materials, cooking materials, agricultural farming tools or supplies as well as other services. Again, there are no food, exising physical schools because a few schools that exist were taught outdoors, with virtually no resources by the most educated among the people. Often people with little formal education themselves. The recent civil war that was caused by leaders and politicians made it harder for average persons, especially the displaced returnee refugees because there are no services, resources or jobs at all. People are dying from what in the West we would consider preventable, non life-threatening food insecurity, water diseases, and medical issues. There is hunger or starvation because lack of food security, contiminated water and there are almost no clinics and hospitals , especially in the remote village areas that these refugees returned and are continue to return to. As these people return home they find that there are virtually no services, food, non food items, such as bedding, blankets, sheets, cooking pans or materials, nor nongovernmental or simply jobs at all.

These returned refugees and those who are on the process to be returned in shortcoming weeks, or Sudanese are a loving, generous people that are asking for help and opportunities. Juanis , the founder of NDO, had dedicated his life to bringing resources, services, education, health awarness, economic services, and opportunities back to his native homeland. By helping NDO, you are helping people in South Sudan rebuild their lives, one brick at a time. These issues facing South Sudan are not simple or easily solved, they need a lot of efforts. NDO is dedicated to being there for years, even decades to come, working with the people of South Sudan to return to their country to prosperity.


September-December 2015, we currently are raising $20,000 as minimum and $50,000specifically as basic necessities as bedding resources/materials, agricultrual farming implements, fishing materials, cooking supplies, and survival kits for the returned displaced refugees in South Sudan, presently we are targeting southeastern part of Sudan, particularly Wanding and Burebie. 

Why should you help? 

By helping NDO, you are helping people in South Sudan rebuild their lives, one brick at a time. As these displaced people some of whom already returned to their homes they found that there are virtually no services, food, non food items, such as: daily living, housing materials/bedding, blankets, sheets, mosquito nets, plastic floors,  cooking pans, or materials, or education, nor health services and  opportunities, nor non-governmental or jobs at all.

PROJECTS: October 2015- 2016 We are currently raising money to support and provide basic necessities or survivals , such as daily livings, housing materials, food commodities, and agricultural farming tools, and fishing materials for displaced returnee REFUGEES in Southeast Sudan.
Current projects will be posted soon


Please look at southeast region (map).Learn how you can get involved.

"I" "Hope & Believe"

Ngaathaje is the one of the languages speaking in South Sudan, specifically spoken among the Nuer people .  Ngaathaje translates to "I" hope and Believe", that phrase perfectly captures the spirit of NDO.  It reflects NDO founder's belief in taking action and getting involved rather than waiting for things to happen.  
NDO ultimately dares individual or individuals to move their feet meaning to get involved now not NEXT WEEK, MONTH, YEAR or 'IN THE FUTURE'. It dares everyone to not be daydreamer, but DO SOMETHING NOW!

About NDO

Ngaathaje Development Organization (NDO) is a humanitarian group based out of Denver, Colorado. We work in rebuilding the lives of the vulnerable individuals and communities in South Sudan beginning with southeastern region [ Upper Nile State] and also plan to expand our works and programs to other areas and regions in the country, seeSouth Sudan (map ).  Education and Economic Programs as well health/sanitation efforts our primary focus opportunities for all Sudanese as many people are still in UN compounds and camps, who are held hostage and also are in the process to be returned to their local communities, yet most children, adolescents or adults are lacking schools or learning facilities, poor sanitation, hunger or starvation or food insecurity, shelters due to the recent conflicts include the recent or current internal/military clashes, as well are still affects by the decades of civil war,
The world is yours, so change it with NDO and become our supporter!.
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